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December 1, 2022 | FREE Admission

Cautious organizations prepare for disasters with measures like cyber insurance and good backups. Yet, cyberattacks, climate change, a pandemic, and civic unrest are threatening business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber resilience plans. Ransomware has become so costly that insurers are raising premiums or leaving the cyber market entirely. Backup data centers are at risk of damage from wildfires, floods, and heat waves. In this Interop event, learn how to assess the cyber risks of today, what role insurance should play in your resilience plan, how to craft an effective incident response plan, and new factors you should consider before investing in IT infrastructure.

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Keynote: Cyber Resilient or Cyber Complacent: How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats - Sponsored by Optiv

From geopolitical threats to sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals, the security landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Still, many organizations fail to keep pace with threat actors, relying on complacent security measures rather than a resilient cyber strategy. This session will explore first-hand FBI accounts of tactics used by bad actors, while addressing what security, IT, and business leaders can do to manage risk and stay ahead of the game.

How to Make Sure Your ‘Good Backups’ Are Good Enough to Handle a Ransomware Attack - Sponsored by Rubrik & Cohesity
Data backups remain the best protection against ransomware. But the million-dollar question is: are yesterday’s backups good enough to overcome tomorrow’s attacks? It’s more and more common for backups—even the ones you thought were safe—to be encrypted by ransomware, raising the need for a fresh look at backup and recovery. This session presents the latest research and best practices for protecting your backups against ransomware.

Achieving Vital Network Visibility and Proactive Threat Hunting with Network Detection and Response - Sponsored by OpenText


Special presentation -- Cyber Resilience Success & Failure: Tales from the Trenches
The expanding, escalating, and unpredictable cyber threat landscape has illustrated the urgent need for businesses to change their approach to cybersecurity. Despite more investment, the whole industry has seen incidents, associated costs, and other impacts rise, but some companies have fared better than others. We’ll use data from Accenture’s State of Cyber Resilience research to highlight the characteristics that enable organizations to be cyber resilient, what needs to change, and discuss opportunities for getting it right.

Tools & Technologies for Responding to Disaster Before It Strikes - Sponsored by Mandiant & Snyk 
The cybersecurity market is rich with products and services designed to keep your data and applications safe from attack. But which ones are worth your attention? This session goes deep on the best tools and technology for detection, prevention and recovery on the market today. 

Zero Hour: What Your Cyber Incident Response Plan Should Look Like in 2023 - Sponsored by Optiv
Is your cyber incident response plan keeping pace with changes to your IT infrastructure? As companies continue to digitally transform at breakneck speed, the need has never been greater for both a dependable incident response plan and frequent audits to ensure that plan remains commensurate with organizational changes. This session will share the latest thinking in incident response plans and what your 2023 plan should look like.

Resilience to Ransomware and Extortion-Based Attacks - Sponsored by Zscaler

A cyber attacker has hit your business with ransomware. Not only have they brought operations to a screeching halt and demanded payment, they’re also threatening to publicly release corporate secrets and devalue intellectual property if you don’t pay soon. The clock is running: how do you respond to attackers’ demands, get business running, contain the damage, and prevent them from hitting you again? What do you need to know today -- about your corporate assets, your IT infrastructure, your security defenses, your risk assessment – in order to answer those questions tomorrow?

Fireside Chat: Readiness and Response to Attacks - Sponsored by Mandiant

In this wrap-up conversation, we'll discuss proven ways you can help improve your organization's resilience in the three most crucial imperatives: prepare, harden and react.