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The Tech Event for IT Pros

The IT landscape is transforming, and with that opportunities - and responsibilities - have never been greater for IT Pros. Interop’s educational sessions are where ideas and solutions come to life, brought to you by impartial experts and peers. The conference will focus on eight core tracks that will bring maximum value to your organization (and, maximize your value *to* the organization).

Data and AI: It's IT's Time

The ascendance of data and AI is revolutionizing the way every organization creates value and serves customers. Digital Transformation requires institutions to swiftly and effectively turn untamed information into AI-driven data streams that elevate decision making and drive new products and services. And this is a moment when IT Pros can increase their influence by playing a leading role in managing and capitalizing on data and AI. 

This track will cover many elements of the data and AI juggernaut, including:

  • How data and AI link IT and the business
  • Contextualizing Data and AI inside the IT department
  • Learning where and how to incorporate machine learning
  • Growing your career by leveraging data and AI

Automation, Now!

Automation is number one with a bullet on the IT priority playlist - for so many good reasons: Automation can boost your department's productivity, reliability and availability while reducing operating costs.

So what’s the best way to get on the automation train? 

This track will:

  • Help you cut through the hype and learn where and how to apply it in your organization
  • Cover what automation looks like on a daily operational basis with people who have already been there, done that

Mastering the Modern Cloud

We're now 15 years into the cloud age, and today's clouds look nothing like those of yesteryear. If your cloud strategy is still oriented around simple object storage and virtual machines, you're far behind the curve.

This track will bring you up to speed - and, if you're already there, give you insight into what's next on the cloud horizon - through sessions on topics including:

  • Serverless, edge computing, next-generation cloud security, multicloud
  • Thinking beyond the "big three" clouds and more

Speakers represent a diverse set of industries and offer perspectives based on hands-on experience with a range of public and hybrid cloud platforms.

Recalibrating Networks and Infrastructure

Many major business trends, including the wide-spread use of cloud, digital transformation, and the mainstream use of sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence  are outpacing legacy infrastructures.

In this track we will explore strategies, new technologies, and best practices to provide a secure, robust infrastructure that cost-effectively delivers the performance, flexibility, elasticity, scalability, and reduced management burden needed to support today's modern applications. We'll cover topics such as:

  • Network automation
  • Converged infrastructures
  • SD WANs
  • 5G and other emerging wireless solutions
  • Edge technologies

Networks and Infrastructure Track Sponsor:

Practical Defense

How can any company confidently invest in digital transformation, when they know cyberattackers will pounce on every new innovation? Threat actors who are better-staffed and better-funded than your security team have seemingly infinite ways to shut down your operations, steal your data, or damage your organization in ways you haven’t yet imagined.

This track will:

  • Provide you with practical guidance and real-world defenses
  • Cover the bane of ransomware, the embarrassment of cloud data leaks, and the risks of IoT devices running rampant in your enterprise
  • Show you how to prevent yourself from being the next cybercrime headline

Security Track Sponsor:

DevOps Rising

Over the past five years we’ve seen a rapidly increasing awareness and acceptance of DevOps principles and related practices.

At Interop we'll help you take your DevOps adoption to the next level by highlighting topics such as:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Containerization
  • Microservice architectures
  • Site Reliability Engineering

This track strives to provide a holistic view of many of these practices featuring practitioners and DevOps thought leaders sharing best methods/processes and emerging strategies.

DevOps Track Sponsor:

Leading the New IT Department

IT has never been more in flux. That’s right. Enormous technology changes driven for the last decade by cloud computing and DevOps, and now fueled by automation, have dramatically changed the mission of your department and the roles of many of your employees. At the same time, the opportunity to influence - if not lead - the rest of the organization has never been higher. 

In this track you’ll learn how:

  • To be the maestro of your finely-tuned IT department by choosing the right processes and talent
  • To best to engage the rest of the organization (and take it out of the "shadows")

Elevating Workplace Experience

In the eyes of your organization's employees you can be the GOAT, or the goat, depending on how well you support their technology needs. Keeping "the lights on" and basic applications up to date simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Progressive IT leaders are increasingly taking responsibility for creating a fun - and productive  - work environment.

This track will teach you how to delight your workforce by:

  • Anticipating their needs and measuring success
  • Offering the best productivity and collaboration tools
  • Providing superior service-desk support