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"Interop benefits every IT professional who wants to get up to speed on the latest trends in infrastructure and IT. Vendor conferences have their place and value, but if you think outside the vendor box, go to Interop." - 2019 Attendee

Now That You’re Convinced, Let’s Get Your Boss on Board.

Interop is back and stronger than ever! We understand that managers sometimes say they don't understand the importance of attending "another technology conference" or attending the same event you went to the year prior.

We're here to explain why we're hardly just another technology conference and how Interop is different. Cut and paste what you'd like or download the Word doc below.

Share This With Your Manager

Interop is a world-class event designed to help IT professionals uncover the technology solutions and strategies that will best meet their needs. Attend to learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry.

  • Education for All: Interop is not just a technology conference. Interop is for Network and IT professionals who use management and business skills to collaborate with their organizations to source, design and manage technology solutions to create valuable solutions for internal users and external customers.

  • Real Intelligence: We provide knowledge of the most valuable technology solutions and how they can be applied to real-world challenges. This is delivered by vetted experts who offer actionable insights and skills that can be put to work immediately.
  • Independent: This is the event you attend to fit the pieces of the technology puzzle together. We’re vendor-neutral, meaning you’ll uncover and hear about new and different strategies, products and services in a “buzz-free zone”.

State Your Case With This Letter

Cut and paste what you'd like into an email, or download the Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set! 

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if we can provide you with more information.

We also have group rates available if you’d like to make Interop a team outing!