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July 19, 2022 | FREE Admission

Despite all the password leaks, credential stuffing attacks, data breaches, wasted time, and abandoned shopping carts, most businesses still rely on antiquated identity and access management systems. There are newer alternatives that provide both better security and an easier user experience. But overhauling an enterprise IAM system is full of obstacles. In this Interop event, learn about the latest technologies that are revolutionizing identity governance and access management—from multi-factor authentication, cloud-native identity governance, consumer identity and access management and more—and get practical tips for overcoming obstacles to innovation.

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Keynote: Moving Past Passwords (At Last!) | 8:35 AM PST
The passwordless movement continues to push forward as more and more companies eliminate passwords from their authentication flows. And it makes sense: passwordless authentication improves both UX and security. So why isn’t it ubiquitous? It turns out that challenges abound, including high complexity, cost and compliance work. This keynote breaks down why we’re still stuck on passwords and tips for going passwordless at your organization.

Making Multi-factor Authentication Work in the Real World - Sponsored by CyberArk| 9:30 AM PST
Sure, you see the value in MFA, but how much does it impede legitimate business activity? For most IT leaders, MFA makes logical sense but too many barriers remain for widespread rollout. Luckily, MFA is experiencing strong tailwinds thanks to its benefit to remote working, cybersecurity and other business priorities. This session will share the state of MFA in organizations and how to speed up adoption.

Tech Talk - Modernize IT with Okta | 10 AM PST


Workforce IAM: How to Seamlessly Manage Identity and Access Across Your Whole, Messy IT Environment| 10:15 AM PST
Workforce identity and access management is getting messy. On top of managing your long-standing on-prem solutions, you’ve got new cloud systems—each with a unique login, password requirements, and URL. Not only is this burdensome for employees to keep track of, IT must secure these various systems while making them accessible from anywhere. This session is all about nailing your workforce IAM strategy in the age of hybrid work.

Tech Talk - CEO Viewpoint: Secure the Identities Driving Your Innovations from Modern Threats | 11 AM PST

Self-Sovereign Identity: It’s What Next for Customers, Employees and Companies| 11:15 AM PST

The Internet has been missing a layer of protocols that address everyone’s identities.  As a result, customers and employees end up losing the ownership and control of their online presence to companies who create and verify identities for them. That leads to issues like vendor lock-in and identity theft/fraud, causing huge distress and loss to users -- and severe penalties for companies. 

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is a new, decentralized paradigm that puts users at the center of their identities and data.  It’s emerged as a new, technologist-led movement guiding efforts to build protocols for user-centric identities and the next- generation Internet. In this session, you’ll learn about what SSI is, hear the latest developments, and better understand how this radically new approach will impact customer and workforce identity and access management. 

Machine Identities: Who Do All These IoT Devices Think They Are? | 12 PM PST
Machine identity management was introduced by Gartner in 2020, and recognized as a “high” benefit in IAM. Despite the fact that machine identities, such as keys, certificates and secrets continue to outnumber human identities (e.g., usernames and passwords), they are often left out of IAM strategies. This session will give you the basics on machine identities and where they fit in your IAM strategy. 

Keeping Identities Secure in The Cloud | 12:45 PM PST

In the wake of the COVID-19, many enterprises have accelerated efforts to enable employees to work from home using various cloud services.

But there’s a dark side: tracking people, assets and data is this expanded environment is extraordinarily difficult, creating enormous security risks. The need for robust Cloud Identity Governance (CIG) that spans public and multi-cloud environments is greater than ever. This session will help you better understand current cloud IAM challenges for people and machines, and help you choose the most effective means and team roles for better cloud IAM.