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December Keynote

Gunter Ollmann | Microsoft
CSO, Azure Cloud and AI Security Division

As Cloud Computing accelerates so does the necessity for adopting security and networking solutions to safely and efficiently power Cloud environments. With data available anywhere at any time, however, Cloud-driven demands on security and networking require next-level coordination, as well as a growing reliance on AI. Join Microsoft’s Cloud and AI Security division CSO Gunter Ollmann as he shares his insights on how these separate IT disciplines will become increasingly intertwined in the service of Cloud Computing.

Gunter Ollmann serves as Chief Security Officer (CSO) within Azure’s Cloud and AI Security group and helps drive the cross-pillar strategy at Microsoft. He has over three decades of information security experience in an array of cyber security consulting, advanced research, and product engineering roles. Before joining Microsoft, Gunter served as CSO at Vectra AI driving new research and innovation into ML and AI-based threat detection of insider threats. Prior to Vectra AI, he served as CTO of Domain Services at NCC Group, where he drove the company's generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program. He was also CTO at security consulting firm IOActive, CTO and vice president of research at Damballa, Chief Security Strategist at IBM, and built and led well-known and respected security research groups around the world – such as X-Force. Gunter is a widely respected authority on security issues and technologies and has researched, written and published hundreds of technical papers and bylined articles.

Networking and Cloud Tracks

Top Networking and Security Requirements for 2021

How do you make the stopgap adjustments you made to keep pace with networking changes this year carry through into 2021? There is no going back. The enterprise perimeter no longer exists. Whether it is employees working from home (as the majority will likely do for the near future) or smart devices generating vast volumes of data that must be analyzed at the source, these changes are here to stay. What’s the impact on network infrastructure and security?

Top networking and security experts will discuss the challenges today's distributed enterprise introduces, the adoption and enhancement of traditional methodologies to address them, and new strategies and solutions that can help.

Topics include:

  • How to secure data in transit, be it from users working remotely or edge devices sharing insights
  • An examination of new secure connectivity services for the edge, remote users, and remote sites
  • The adoption of new technologies such as secure access service edge (SASE) and zero-trust network access (ZTNA)
  • Bandwidth, latency, cost, and security factors when moving intelligence to the edge
  • Network architecture strategies for the distributed enterprise

Panel Discussions:
Network Security - Modern Network Security for the Changing Work Environment
Cyber incidents, threats, and vulnerabilities continue to rise. Complicating matters is the new "work from home" norm that extends the corporate edge into virtually every employee's home. How is your organization responding? How is it turning temporary fixes into permanent infrastructure? How is it securing those remote and digital connections?

Intelligent Edge – Infrastructure for the Intelligent Edge
In most businesses, the action is shifting to the edge. Are you ready for the transformation? How will your organization handle vast amounts of data generated and living on the edge that needs fast analysis and protection?

Learn how organizations addressing their edge challenges using the latest generation of edge computing (rugged and embedded compute systems designed for harsh, space-limited, and low-power edge environments), smart sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), and new connectivity services (e.g., 5G, Wi-Fi 6, LP-WAN, and LoRaWAN).

Making the "New", Normal, at Salesforce
In this session you'll learn how Salesforce handled the overnight global surge in consumption (all the way down to the desktop) while continuing critical engagements such as absorbing a major acquisition, exiting a major data center and establishing two global POPs. Finally, you'll hear how COVID19 has influenced network strategy in subtle but impactful ways, which stands to transform the Salesforce networking workforce from within.

VPNs: Where do they fit? What's the alternative?
Join the InteropNet team as they look at the past, present and future of VPNs. Our experts discuss the rise of VPNs, their relevance in today’s environment and emerging alternatives.

Gain True Network Visibility & Control

During this demo, you’ll see how Auvik's cloud-based network management system can help your IT team gain true network visibility and control—and solve your most problematic network issues in mere minutes (not hours, days, or weeks).

Security and Management Strategies for a Multi-Cloud World

Securing and administering cloud workloads has always been hard. It’s getting even harder as more organizations move to multi-cloud architectures that combine services from more than one public cloud vendor, sometimes with on-premise workloads in the mix, too.

In this virtual event, representatives from leading cloud software companies will offer tips and best practices for meeting these challenges.

Topics include:

  • An explanation of why multi-cloud management and security are difficult, and how they are poised to become even more challengingas cloud strategies evolve
  • Discussion of the key tasks and workflows that are necessary to manage and secure multi-cloud environments
  • An overview of the most pressing security and management challenges in the cloud today
  • An explanation of different multi-cloud frameworks and strategies -- including platforms like Kubernetes, Anthos and Azure Stack-- and the management and security challenges unique to each one
  • Recommendations on tools and methodologies that can help streamline the management of cloud provisioning, identity managementand vulnerability mitigation in architectures that consist of multiple clouds
  • Examples of organizations that are succeeding at multi-cloud management and security, and why what they do is working
  • Best practices for building future-proof cloud management strategies that meet the challenges of today, while keeping you prepared for what comes next
  • Tips on how to organize your team and culture to meet multi-cloud challenges

Panel Discussions:
Cloud Security - How to Evolve Your Security Strategies to Meet Multi-Cloud Challenges
You’ve got security tools and processes in place that you trust. But are they ready to meet the security requirements of multi-cloud architectures? This session helps you assess by identifying the key security challenges you need to address in multi-cloud environments and what makes them different from single-cloud security issues. It also offers tips on how to meet multi-cloud security requirements.

Cloud Administration – Avoiding Death-by-Management Tools in Multi-Cloud Architectures
More clouds mean more tools for managing cloud identities, securing cloud access, collecting cloud monitoring and log data and so on. The challenge in effective multi-cloud administration lies in identifying which tools to adopt and avoiding tool bloat, which arises when you have more tools and data than you can reasonably put to use. This session offers practical tips for deciding how many cloud administration tools to use as part of a multi-cloud management strategy, as well as when it does and doesn’t make sense to rely on cloud vendors’ native management tooling, as opposed to third-party solutions.

Ready, Set, Go: Assessing Your Cloud Maturity Level
In this talk, we share a case study and lessons learned from conducting a Cloud Transformation Maturity Assessment for one of the nation's largest commercial real estate firms.

Simulating Real-Time Cloud Misconfiguration Attacks to Improve Cloud Security
In this talk, we'll run a live simulation of an advanced cloud-native misconfiguration exploits to show a number of ways common cloud architectural and operational anti-patterns create opportunities for hackers to gain entry to cloud environments, move laterally using tools like IAM services, and ultimately find and breach data.

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