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Enterprise Network Evolution & Modernization







Use of video conferencing for at home workers, telemedicine, and e-commerce are growing. "Must have broadband" is showing up on job listings. Powerful network architectures are more essential than ever, yet much of the country still has no access to broadband, and hybrid workers' access varies widely – limited not only by their bandwidth, but their budgets. Meanwhile, 5G use slowly rises, and 3G's sunset will soon leave millions of critical devices in the dark. In this Interop event, learn how businesses can modernize their networks to better accommodate patients, customers, or talented employees wherever they reside. Learn about the role technologies like SASE and SD-WAN can play. And get ready to face the obstacles of new changes coming soon. 

Cyber Resilience in Uncertain Times







Cautious organizations prepare for disasters with measures like cyber liability insurance and good backups. Yet, cyberattacks, climate change, and civic unrest are complicating business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber resilience plans. Ransomware has become so costly, that insurers are raising premiums or leaving the cyber market entirely. Backup datacenters are at risk of damage from out-of-control wildfires, floods, and heat waves. In this Interop event, learn from the experts about how to adjust your cyber risk assessments for the future, what role insurance may play in your resilience plan, how to craft an effective cyber incident response plan, and what new factors you should consider when making IT infrastructure investments.  


Protecting the Data-Driven Enterprise: Data Security, Governance, and Privacy in an Age of Analytics

Advanced data analytics and AI may be the engine of an innovative company. But data-driven enterprises, beware: if you’re careless about how you collect, transmit, and secure that data, you could drive your business into the ground. Cyber attackers are exposing companies’ most precious secrets.

Regulators and legislators in the US and across the globe are sanctioning and fining companies hundreds of millions of dollars for flouting data privacy and security policies. Corporations are now making changes to their IT infrastructure, buying different cloud services, redesigning applications, installing new data management/security products, hiring specialized staff, and choosing to forgo certain IT projects altogether because of increasing regulations, increasing data breaches, and increasing public scrutiny.

Where data is, where it goes, whether it’s confidential, how it’s analyzed, how it’s stored, how old it is, etc. are all essential – and exceedingly challenging – questions for IT leaders to answer. In this Interop event, learn about the technologies that can help you answer those essential questions. Get an up-to-date map of the data privacy landscape. And learn how your business can still take advantage of the best data analytics has to offer, while still maintaining security, compliance, and customer trust.

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Future-Proofing IT for the Hybrid Workforce

"Good-enough" IT architecture for work-from-homers and field workers isn't good enough anymore. To support a permanently hybrid workforce, enterprise leaders need to ask themselves some tough questions:

  • Do employers simply add "must have good broadband" to the bottom of job listings, or can IT departments redesign their network architecture to accommodate talent wherever it resides?
  • Are they using employee monitoring and productivity tools responsibly – or are they violating privacy and injuring wellness?
  • Are software patches being successfully installed?
  • Can employees recognize a cyber-attack, and is the remote helpdesk equipped to give support?

In this Interop event, learn what business opportunities and risks you should watch for in your expanding workforce and learn about the new technologies that can help you better observe, support and defend your users, wherever they go.

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The Identity Crisis: How to Overcome Obstacles to Better Access Control

Despite all the password leaks, credential stuffing attacks, data breaches, wasted time, and abandoned shopping carts, most businesses still rely on antiquated identity and access management systems. There are newer alternatives that can provide both better security and an easier user experience – but overhauling an enterprise I&AM system is full of obstacles. Syncing employee identities across legacy and cloud environments; providing consumers with a wide variety of low-friction authentication options; ensuring all identity info is compliant with privacy law...the list goes on. In this Interop event, learn about the latest technologies that are revolutionizing identity governance and access management – from multi-factor authentication, cloud-native identity governance, consumer identity and access management and more -- and get realistic tips for overcoming obstacles to innovation.


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